The Farm Consultancy Group

Farm Consultants, Agricultural Consultants and Agricultural Advisors in the UK

The Farm Consultancy Group (FCG) is a private limited company originally established in 1997 to provide an excellent service to farmers and rural business via our group of farm consultants, agricultural consultants and agricultural advisors that are situated throughout the UK. The group now consists of 12 constituent shareholder practices.

Each of these practices acts as an agricultural consultancy unit consisting of farm consultants, agricultural consultants and agricultural advisors that conform to the rules and style laid out in their agreements with FCG. In turn they can develop their own independent practices as they see fit. Consequently there are over 18 fee earning farm and agricultural consultants working under the umbrella of FCG, mainly in the southern half of England and in South Wales.

Our Services Include:

FCG has a range of consultants who specialise in most aspects of UK farming and agriculture, including dairy farming consultants, livestock farming consultants, arable cropping and organisation consultants, organic farming consultant, poultry farming consultants, agricultural planning consultants and advisors on many other diversified enterprises seen on modern farming businesses.

FCG prides itself in having a strong business and planning input with its clients. While a strong technical competence is essential to running a farming enterprise, it is the business acumen of the managers that will create the profits and drive the successful enterprise forward. FCG consultants embrace both the technical and business skills required to service modern farming requirements.

Assessing business strategy is an essential part of the work we undertake. Allied to this process, FCG consultants are regularly involved both in tendering for new opportunities and in the reorganisation of the current business to obtain the best from the resources available.

FCG maintains good relationships with the agricultural banks, other professionals and service industries. Regular training and updating ensures that the consultants are up to speed with technical information and the regulatory demands of modern business. Independent thinking and the ability to explore the unusual are traits of FCG staff, with many running other businesses in their own right.

If you are interested in becoming a FCG member please contact Gerard Finnan at or telephone 01935 850093.